Vusion2 LED Craft Light

Great for reel repair, fly tying, lure making, gunsmithing and any other close work activity!

Do more of what you love, and do it better, with the Vusion2 LED Craft Light, an inventive light-plus-magnifier. It’s about the size of a desk lamp and shows a modern sense of style – it doesn’t just fit your craft table, it makes it look good! The base flares out for total stability, and two long, flexible goosenecks allow you to position the teardrop-shaped light head and round magnifier to whatever complementary angles work best for the task at hand.


"The fly-tying lamp is the perfect complement to a portable vise. I tried it
in both battery and power mode and it works just great. It’s perfect for
those 16 hour flights to Asia when I want to be productive and tie flies.”

Tim Huckaby, Carlsbad, CA

Makes Your Work Area Clearer and Brighter!

Your Vusion2 will be shipped via US mail. We only ship within the contiguous 48 States of the US.


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