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Fly Fishing Along Florida’s Space Coast

By Capt. John Kumiski

Florida’s Indian River Lagoon system stretches for 156 miles along the Atlantic coast, but the section I call home lies all around the Kennedy Space Center- the Mosquito Lagoon to the north, the Indian River Lagoon to the west, and the Banana River Lagoon to the south. More...

West Hartford Native Launches Angling Web Store

By USA Today

West Hartford native, and Conard graduate Travis MacMillian put his successful insurance career on the back burner, and decided to make a career out of his true passion salt water fishing. More...

Huge Fraser Sockeye Run Raises Spirits, Questions - September 20th, 2010

By Peter Ladner

The Fraser River sockeye are back! It’s hard to comprehend such a windfall—30 million salmon, the biggest sockeye run since the estimated 39 million in 1913, totally unexpected, running contrary to all the dreary trends of collapsing and declining fish stocks in oceans around the world. More...

Bass Fishing Tournament Etiquette

Paul Bruessow

Bass fishing in tournaments doesn't seem like a sport in which "proper etiquette" really means much. I've fished many bass tournaments in Florida and found out through experience that it is very important. More...

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