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A Useful New Aid To Navigation

John D. LaFalce

The Course Conversion Calculator, made of a durable plastic, quickly and accurately corrects variation and deviation, gives the course to steer, converts relative bearings, gives reciprocals, and has other features essential in plotting a DR track. More...

Help Set An Inflatable Life Jacket World Record!

Virgil Chambers

The National Safe Boating Council and Canadian Safe Boating Council are teaming up to set a world record! We are encouraging boaters, boating safety educators and anyone else who would like to join in on the fun to participate in “Inflatable Life Jacket World Record Day.” More...

Finding the "Sweet Spot" For Your Boat

Jerry Fox

Some folks believe that a transom bracket can help improve performance. Others feel that a jack plate is the right answer for improved performance generally as well as improved operation in shallow water. What if you could have both?More...

Life Jacket Wear Is a Top Priority of Boating Safety Partners All Year Round

National Safe Boating Council

Even with summer activities winding down, the National Safe Boating Council (NSBC) encourages all boaters to continue to make life jacket wear a top priority. Boating is a safe and fun recreational activity enjoyed by thousands every year, however, in 2009 there may still be more than 600 boating fatalities from boating accidents. More...

The Value of a Boat

Tony Cipollina

My father first explained value to me when I was a child reviewing my base ball cards. I remember looking them up in a Beckett pricing guide and telling him their value. He told me, "Son, the value of that baseball card is only worth what someone will pay you for it." He then challenged me to sell one of my duplicate cards for the value listed in the pricing guide. I found it more difficult than I had expected. After negotiations, I found that I usually only got about 50% of the listed value of the card in the pricing guide. He also told me about the condition of the cards and how to protect them. I started taking good care of them. I put them in card sleaves and folders to maintain their appearance. More...

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